Imagine asking your phone a question and having it immediately understand and help accomplish your request. For most people, this vision became reality when Apple launched Siri in 2011.

The conversational assistant pioneered natural voice interactions and ushered in the AI age. But Siri’s origins stretch back much farther.

Adam Cheyer began developing the foundational technology in 1993, before even seeing the web browser. He knew that one day virtual assistants would be used everywhere.

Cheyer persevered through decades of research to make his vision a reality. He co-founded Siri and served as its engineering lead, working closely with Steve Jobs to integrate it into the iPhone.

Now Cheyer stands to reveal more insights from the birth of conversational AI. He will be sharing his insider perspective in an exclusive interview coming soon to Tampa Bay Small Business Tech Day.

As an AI trailblazer, Cheyer will tackle controversial questions like:

  • Will AI eliminate jobs or transform them?
  • Can we ever trust AI outputs 100%?
  • How quickly will AI limitations disappear?
  • Is AI more an opportunity or a threat for small businesses?

He will illustrate how conversational systems like Siri and ChatGPT actually work under the hood. Cheyer assesses their current strengths and weaknesses and how you can put it to use in your business.

Cheyer will also share specific examples of how businesses are productively applying AI today. He’ll offer predictions for how AI will evolve in the years ahead across dimensions like cost, accuracy and capabilities.

You’ll benefit from insights only someone present at the dawn of conversational AI could provide. Cheyer's balanced perspective sees beyond both hype and fear to focus on AI's immense potential.

With AI infiltrating nearly every domain at an accelerating pace, you’ll discover steps to take now to ensure you avoid pitfalls. AI is part of the future of small business and embracing it in its early stages enables you to stay ahead of your competition.

We’ll be streaming live from Tampa Bay and also be joined by Shark Tank celebrity and cyber security entrepreneur Robert Herjavec and Bestselling Business Author Mike Michalowicz.

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