Data Support Services for Enterprise Companies.

Augment existing IT, DBA, Devops, and Sysadmin teams with night/weekend coverage in technologies such as SQL, Oracle, Azure, AWS, and Power BI.

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Are you the IT Leader of an SME/Enterprise Company?

Whether you are a CTO, CIO or other Data Leader you NEED:

  • 24x7 Pro active alerting and monitoring of your environment
  • Seasoned Expert Database Administrators to handle problems
  • Five Nines of Server Uptime
  • Relief for overworked staff
  • Business Continuity
  • Security and Data Governance experts
  • Big Data Projects
  • Data Analytics, Warehousing, and Reporting

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Responsive and Proactive DBAs keep environment running

SE is one of our partners that very quietly and proactively keeps the environment in good health and does exemplary work. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and responds to alerts in a very timely manner and has averted many disasters.

Duleep IT Leader
Enterprise company in the Healthcare Industry

Your team needs to focus on growth projects and customer facing concerns. They don’t have time to handle maintenance, tuning, and putting out fires in your Data environment.

Your Company needs - To meet or exceed RTO and RPO. Five Nines of uptime, fast and accurate data processing across the entire data stack.

As a CIO YOU need- A Suite of Experts on all aspects of Data technology, Analysis, Cloud, Database, Performance, Interoperability, and Governance, at a price that doesn't blow up your budget.

Expert Database administration and Data Solutions support from the Data Support Engineers at Soaring Eagle will relieve your stress and ensure your company is set up for success.

The best tools for monitoring database environments

For more on tools, read THIS Blog entry from our Data Solutions Experts

Database Monitoring Tools for Alerting, Monitoring, and Proactive maintenance and security of Data. What are the best in class tools for indexing, granular performance and analysis, and single pane of glass environment monitoring? The Database Experts at SEDS will make sure you have access to the best SaaS products on the market to improve uptime, customer satisfaction, and enhance your team. 

Data Analytics and Data Warehousing - Query your data and showcase it to your company with real time analytics using Power BI, Tableau, or other data reporting tools. Train your internal staff on these tools to drive company growth with new insights.

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