Database Monitoring Software, SQL Monitoring, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL DBA Tool


A Database Monitoring tool for Enterprise level hybrid environments.

FLIGHT Center is built for a simple purpose - Visualizing the Health of Your Database Environment

Flight Center Monitors VLFs, Disk Capacity, and makes index recomendations for your database environment


Indexing, Database Corruption Checks, Disk Capacity, Heartbeats

For your ENTIRE database environment, including SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, and MySQL.


How Can Flight Enhance Your Team?

The Flight Center database monitoring tool focuses on two core elements: routine maintenance and capacity planning. Improving database maintenance is key to server uptime, stability, and data performance.

Routine MaintenanceSoaring Eagle Data Solutions FLIGHT CENTER Database Monitoring software alerts for disk capacity

Even Junior DBAs and Sysadmins can maintain a database like an experienced data administrator. Automated maintenance jobs can be confirmed, indexing recommendations reviewed, and commonly skipped tasks like Database Corruption Checks are all performed and reported directly to your dashboard.


The Flight software brings all of the metadata your DBAs need together. That means they know when the servers are running smoothly and ensures stable environments.

With Flight you can:

  • See the health of your SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and Postgres servers from any browser
  • Gather and analyze historical capacity data
  • Gather and analyze performance data
  • Filter maintenance alerts to allow for ticket handling
  • Set thresholds for specific space alerts
  • Automate backups
  • Automate Database Corruption Checks
  • Create custom reporting and alerting
  • Link to call center to contact your IT staff when there is a problem

Capacity Planning

Up to 60% of all after hours server problems, including slowness and server downs, are due to poor capacity planning of your database environment.

Soaring Eagle Flight Center Database Monitoring Disk Capacity Analysis SQL Oracle database monitoring toolYour DBA team has the ability to help you better prepare for the future with Flight’s ability to predict your capacity needs.

Flight software can eliminate up to 97% of these after hours server problems by:

  • Trends alerting you to a need for more database space
  • Alerts when you are running out of disk or server space
  • Reports about how fast your databases are growing

To learn more about how the Flight software can improve your DBAs efficiency and your company’s visibility into how your systems are performing, give us a call or click the button below to complete the form for your free one-hour remote database assessment.