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Soaring Eagle Data Solutions provides Data Support for the Healthcare Industry

What does a Healthcare Database Administrator do?

Data in healthcare requires constant monitoring for Compliance, Interoperability, and Performance. Database Administrators are responsible for standing up and configuring new environments, writing queries and reports, visualizing data, managing user access, maintaining HIPAA security, and monitoring server performance. Healthcare data environments have added complexities with multiple server types, 3rd party applications, and interoperability requirements. A Database Consultant in Healthcare must be familiar with all of these challenges.


Soaring Eagle Data Solutions has over 20 years’ experience working with local hospitals, service providers, insurance companies, and other businesses in the Healthcare vertical. We keep your data Secured, Governed, Tune, and Useful. This includes interoperability of disparate 3rd party apps, unstructured data, and internal reporting.



Improve the performance of EPIC EHR with proper database management

11 Ways SEDS' Data Solutions will aid your company's success.

  • Improve Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) Speeds by Tuning Underlying SQL Server issues 
  • Improve HIPAA Compliance with data security best practices
  • Resolve issues in Data platforms like EPIC by tuning the servers they run on
  • EXPERTS in making your 3rd Party SAAS Products COMMUNICATE with each other
  • Improved Interoperability
  • Implementing Master Data Management
  • Real-Time Database Monitoring and 24x7 Expert Level Response
  • Master Data Management and Data interoperability are key to success in healthcare ITCut Costs by Reducing Data Sprawl WITHOUT SACRIFICING PERFORMANCE
  • On Shore Expert+ DBAs, SQL, Oracle, Postgres, Azure, On-Prem and Cloud computing
  • Save money by augmenting in house IT Staff without sacrificing business knowledge
  • Improve the efficiency of in house SysAdmin and DevOps teams by removing the burden of maintenance of data environments.


Proper Data Governance for SME Healthcare Company :

A Case Study (click here to learn more)


Soaring Eagle Data Solutions improves Data Integration for Mid Sized Healthcare Company through Data Governance


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Soaring Eagle Data Solutions provides Database Administration support, Data Engineers, and other solutions to relieve pressure off internal sysadmin and devops teams from Tampa, Florida