Soaring Eagle Data Solutions provides HIPAA compliant data solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations in florida

Soaring eagle data solutions provides exemplary work to the healthcare industry

As a Healthcare Executive- Your data is FULL of anachronisms.

You must be Secured and HIPAA compliant, but easily accessible by patients and doctors.
Self-contained applications and service providers must have interoperable data.

Whether its the EPIC Data platform, OnBase, Clarity or one of the other 200+ products you use sitting on SQL platforms, you need them to run efficiently, maximize uptime, and be secured.



Your Customer and Patient satisfaction HINGE on the abilities of your Data staff. Your Database administrators, healthcare data analysts, and Sysadmins are responsible for standing up and configuring new environments, writing queries and reports, visualizing data, managing user access, maintaining HIPAA security, and monitoring server performance. This requires a vast array of skills that can be hard to find in a HIPAA compliant IT provider.

Customer satisfaction in healthcare STARTS with Data.


The Data Solutions Experts are Soaring Eagle Data Solutions understand the complexities of healthcare data including:


Read about how SQL Server affects all of a hospital's operations.

Read about our SQL Server affects all of a hospital's operations.

*Database Stability / Server Uptime

*Master Data Management (Consistent and accurate Data)

*Analytics (Gauge trends in local disease, look for fraud, review treatment data at scale)

*Tuning Epic Data platform (and other database environments like SQL, Oracle, MySQL) for performance

*Data layer security including HIPAA and other Compliance audits


More than that we are familiar with problems you may not know have a solution:


*Maintaining high level 24x7 IT and database support

*Reducing IT budget waste

*Managing and Governing large volumes of data from company acquisitions

*Upgrading legacy databases, reporting, and applications

*Automating reports, queries, and operations

Slow Electronic Healthcare Records cause patient and employee satisfaction problems

Read more about this problem here

Challenges in Healthcare Data Management:

  • Security and Compliance: With patient confidentiality at the forefront, healthcare organizations must adhere to stringent data security and compliance standards. HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and taking that a step up to ensure best possible disaster and incident response for your hospital or healthcare organization are key to your success and even survival. Our solutions ensure that your data remains secure and compliant with industry regulations. For more on security please review our SECURITY Offerings.
  • Data Interoperability: Healthcare professionals often work with diverse systems and data formats. We specialize in creating interoperable solutions that seamlessly integrate with various healthcare platforms, facilitating smooth data exchange and collaboration. Patient Scheduling software, Billing, pharmaceutical inventory, billing, patient data archiving, healthcare record systems, are all just some of the data compartments you need to manage properly to keep patient satisfaction high.
  • Scalability and Performance: As healthcare organizations grow, so does the volume of data they handle. Our scalable solutions are designed to accommodate this growth, ensuring optimal performance even in the face of increasing data loads. New locations, increased patient load, new healthcare SaaS products, like Epic Data, can all lead to performance problems, lowering quality of patient care and decreasing user experience across the board.
  • Analytics and Decision Support: In the healthcare sector, data isn't just information; it's a powerful tool for informed decision-making. Our solutions enable advanced analytics, providing valuable insights that can enhance patient care, streamline operations, and support strategic decision-making. With proper analytics you can predict patient readmission, analyze population health data, implement Fraud Detection, improve operational efficiency and a suite of other healthcare improvements.
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR): Streamline patient information management with our expertise in EHR systems. We optimize and manage EHR databases, ensuring quick access to critical patient data while maintaining data integrity and security. Platforms like Epic Data have SQL Server, Oracle, and other databases they sit on that need to be monitored, managed, and tuned, to reduce slowdowns, crashes, and performance issues. 

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Proper Data Governance for Healthcare:

Saving Healthcare Organizations Money by Implementing Proper Data Governance Strategies 

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Soaring Eagle Data Solutions improves Data Integration for Mid Sized Healthcare Company through Data Governance

Soaring Eagle Data Solutions provides Database Administration support, Data Engineers, and other solutions to relieve pressure off internal sysadmin and devops teams from Tampa, Florida

Soaring Eagle Data Soutions provides free reviews of Healthcare Databases

How can we improve the performance of EPIC DATA Platform?

Unknown to most people - it IS possible to tune the database that serves most of your Saas products including Epic and other Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) platforms. Doing this improves the performance of the entire EHR system, including user and patient experience.

What steps are you forgetting in your hospital's backup and recovery plan?

The most commonly missed step in most healthcare company's backup and recovery planning are Database Corruption Checks. Having a multi million dollar back up plan is meaningless if the stored data is corrupted. A good database administrator will perform the necessary maintenance regularly to ensure you can meat RTO and RPO objectives.

Is Soaring Eagle Data Solutions HIPAA Compliant?

All Soaring Eagle Data Solutions staff are trained in HIPAA, GDPR, PCI compliance. Our CISO ensures that SEDS staff and clients all meet or exceed the requirements of their industry.