Data support engineers for Small to Mid Sized Businesses, providing assistance with SQL, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, Cloud, Azure AWS, and Power BI

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If you are the IT Leader for a growing company WE UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH.

  • Scalability concerns
  • Lack of in-house expertise
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Security
  • Data Governance Standards lacking
  • Lack of Budget
  • Slow applications/reporting

Full Time Database Administrators for a part time price

Soaring Eagle has a vast amount of RDBMS knowledge and allowed me to grow my support team for a fraction of the cost of hiring FTEs. We get a team of DBA resources for a fraction of the cost.

SME in the Real Estate Industry

On Shore Database Administrators are here to support your sysadmin/devops team so they can focus on growing your company.
You’ll receive expert help ready to solve your Data performance, scalability, and security issues.

Maximize your database performance and minimize downtime with our remote management services. We offer flexible and customizable solutions that fit your business requirements. Contact us today and see the difference."

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