Data Support Engineers for Small to Mid Sized Businesses in Tampa, Florida, and Worldwide!

Providing Data and Database solutions to small businesses since 1997. Services include Database Administration, Data / Application Architecture, Data stability and reliability, Data Analysis, data Security, and Full Operational Database Support.

If you are a non IT Leader for a growing company WE UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH.

  • Poor User Experience
  • Scalability concerns
  • Lack of in-house expertise
  • The Cloud
  • Security
  • Data Governance
  • Lack of Budget
  • Slow applications/reporting
SysAdmin and DevOps teams need help with SQL Server

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Full Time Database Administrators for a part time price

Soaring Eagle has a vast amount of RDBMS knowledge and allowed me to grow my support team for a fraction of the cost of hiring FTEs. We get a team of DBA resources for a fraction of the cost.

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A common problem among SMBs are third party applications that sit on Database environment that must be supported in house.

The care and maintenance of the SQL Server that underlies products like
MACOLA ERP, JD Edwards, EPIC Data, and so many other ERP and SaaS are often ignored.

SaaS products set up what is needed the run the software and then abandon you to poor performance with no ongoing database support.

You need 24x7 emergency support, and monthly maintenance. That doesn't require a full time hire, and can be done with Database Managed Services very affordably.

You are keeping that instance of SQL Server in a closet and hoping no one notices it. Pull it out, dust it off, and get it the care and maintenance your business REQUIRES.

Soaring Eagle Data Solutions in Tampa Florida provides small businesses with the 24x7 data specialists they need to growThere is a whole host of needs your small business has when it comes to your data and you may only be brushing the surface of what you really need.

*Data performance and Scalability

*Specialized skillsets like SQL, Oracle, SSRS, Data Analysis (Power BI), and Cloud technology Solutions.

*Security! Protect your company from threats and extinction due to bad actors

*24x7 Support - just because you are a small business doesn't mean you can afford to have your servers down over the weekend!

Your in-house team is too overworked and undertrained to efficiently perform maintenance and tuning on your data.  Sysadmins and DevOps workers can NOT fill the role of a real DBA, not when your business is growing and more and more data is needing maintenance, security, analysis, and performance optimization.

Customer Demands drive your business, how can you respond without real Data skillsets like, Data and Application Architecture, Performance and Tuning, Data Analysis, and Data Layer Security? You can't afford Full Time Employees with each skillset, but you must have access to them all for your small business to succeed.

On-Shore Database Administrators are here to support your Sysadmin and Devops teams so they can focus on growing your company. Improve the efficiency of your Full Time Employees by augmenting them with expert data engineers who will mentor and support, not replace, them.

With Soaring Eagle's Database Managed Services you receive expert help ready to solve your Data performance, scalability, and security issues.

Maximize your database performance and achieve Five Nines of Uptime. We offer flexible and customizable solutions that fit your business requirements. Contact us today and see the difference.

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