Data Loss Protection

Data loss is every company's nightmare. In fact, most companies that do experience a mass disappearance of vital, computer-kept information never turn their lights on again.

It comes down to the idea that how you protect and treat your data is commensurate with how important you think it is, says Penny Garbus, co-founder of Soaring Eagle Consulting and co-author of Mining New Gold: Managing Your Business Data.

3 Ways to Prevent Data Losses

Companies both large and small often try to ensure the security of their IT infrastructure by outsourcing to a third-party security vendor. Garbus offers three main ways that managed security services can save a business from the disaster of data loss:

1. Security Check-ups

These are essential for cybersecurity. The question you must ask is, how much downtime can my business afford? "One of the best ways to prevent cybersecurity issues is to have an expert conduct regular health checks on your system," Garbus says. "That way if there are any lurking vulnerabilities or potential issues, they can be fixed before causing any damage."

2. Performance Measures

This includes analysis of software, server, cloud, and firewall. Businesses these days operate in the realm of remote servers, cloud computing, and unrelenting security threats. "As the technological landscape evolves and data security has become increasingly important, businesses recognize there is much more to it than handling issues as they arise," Garbus says.

3. IT Development Updates

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated every day. For example, ransomware was able to stall private businesses, hospitals, universities, and government agencies. "If you're handling sensitive data, it's smart to upgrade the cybersecurity methods you've been using from the beginning of your business," Garbus says. "Small and mid-size companies aren't as likely to have a dedicated IT person to oversee the multiple systems, so it behooves them to have a service in place that can keep abreast of changing technology."

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