Ask these questions first!

Guarantee You Are Still Getting High Tier Service

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

What Will You Do Tomorrow?

  • Always the most important questions when discussing continuing with any vendor
  • Make sure there is a clear accounting of where the time has been spent and set goals for future expectations

How Has 2020 Affected Your Business?

It may seem ghoulish, but you need and are entitled to know if your provider will still exist in 6 months.

Ask probing questions about your provider and how they’ve adapted to recent struggles due to shutdowns, layoffs, or other issues.

Have you noticed high turnover from their staff? That could be a warning sign.

What Are You Doing That I Can’t Do Myself?

That should be obvious, but make sure they can answer it.

Don’t be afraid of asking hard questions, if they don’t have answers, they may not be the right fit.

What Are You Doing Differently From Your Competitors?

It never ceases to amaze me how many vendors cannot differentiate themselves.

A vendor that has no competitive advantage is likely not providing you top value for your dollar.

Soaring Eagle Always Welcomes Questions

It is core to our service to always strive to be better

We can only do this through open, honest, and blunt communication with all of our clients.

  • Mission: To make sure your data is maintained, accessible, and performing well 24×7
  • Vision: All companies, from startups to Fortune 100, should have access to Onshore Database Administration Experts
  • Values: Transparency, Reliability, Performance Matters

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