Hiring  Database Administrator

So you’ve started your own business and are looking forward to seeing where this new venture takes you. It’s essential to have a good database administrator to safeguard your business data.Or maybe you’ve been running one for a while, and you’re getting up to date with technology to remain competitive.

It’s essential to have a good database administrator to safeguard your business data. But reviewing the available applicants’ resumés can sometimes feel like you’re reading in a language that only IT nerds and Star Wars droids can understand. Without being IT savvy, how can you know you’re hiring the right team?

The following is a list of guidelines to help you get on the right track:

1. Do not rely only on certifications

Anyone can take a class. Many people can get a certificate. The operative question here is, do they have any practical experience? Focus on asking this person how they associate the storage device with the database. Also, ask about recent IT issues they’ve resolved. How was the problem identified? What were they fixed? What was the final result?

2. Gauge an applicant's trustworthiness

Nobody’s perfect, but what differentiates an efficient professional from a run of the mill one is that they learn from their mistakes. Ask a DBA how they’ve handled past mistakes and what they’ve learned from them. What have they done to prevent similar errors from reoccurring? Pay close attention to whom they informed of their errors. You want to make sure you are hiring someone who will own up to issues and do as much as possible to mitigate damages.

3. Do they communicate effectively?

How often do they report progress to management, other team members, and clients? How do they handle any doubts as to instructions and expectations? The goal is not to micromanage, but to stay abreast of whether he or she is doing their job effectively.

4. Are they proactive?

Ask questions geared towards finding out if the candidate is the kind of person who has the initiative to get things done, or if he or she is the kind of person who sits back and won’t move a finger unless specifically instructed to do so. IT is an evolving field. There are regular new developments. A good DBA is constantly learning and staying updated on their field. He or she can anticipate potential issues and know how to do preventive care and troubleshoot issues.

Our professionals at Soaring Eagle Consulting can adequately answer all of these questions and have the background to prove it. Contact us and let us show you what we can do for your business.