Nearly every week we see companies with a billion dollars or more of revenue have had data breaches. The data breaches are often caused by human error, open ports, or the failure to encrypt PCI, HIPPA data.

Are you feeling embarrassed or worried about being judged and afraid to ask for help in reviewing your data security strategies, don’t be! Just managing your business systems’ growth can be overwhelming and security planning and implementation is time consuming and expensive.

Your budget has been cut in the past few years so how much can you do with less each year when the demands on your time and IT hardware and software costs are going up?

Your IT budget is shrinking and the demand for security improvements are increasing nearly monthly.  You don’t want to be the IT Manager that gets hacked. So don’t be embarrassed reach out for help in forums, local IT networking meet ups where you can talk to peers, friends that are peers and your Managed Services vendors.

2 more points:

First, have an outside specialist examine your environment. This is an important place for a fresh set of eyes.

Secondly, plan for a breach. If it happens to fortune-50 companies, it can happen to you. Make your plan, find a way to test it. Get it approved by your boss or your board, as appropriate. I can’t think of any time I’ve heard of somebody getting fired by following a board-approved DR plan.