A former employee-built data reporting, potentially using SSRS, maybe an older technology, that is critical to your company. This report is getting more out of date despite remaining critical to company success. Unfortunately...

You lack the internal skillset to use and update the older technology the report was built on
Team is scared to touch it (and potentially break it)

Budget cuts have caused top talent to be focused on other areas (if they have been retained).

Power BI is your solution.

Take all of your excel spreadsheets and even PDFs (like invoices) and put them into powerful Dashboards that allow you to take action.

Analyze trends in your data

Monitor/examine outliers

Perform Market Basket Analysis.

Forecast the future
Use Visual Storytelling to communicate with your colleagues. 

I like to call Power BI the New Alchemy. Alchemy was originally the study of how to turn mundane materials (like lead) into Gold.
Data analysts today are taking your Excel Spreadsheets, SSRS reports, and even PDFs (like invoices) and turning them into actionable data that you can use to scale your company. Sounds like alchemy today.

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