If you are looking for supplemental expertise for the maintenance and support of operational databases, then remote database administration (or database outsourcing) may be what you are looking for, especially outside of normal business hours (24x7).

A remote database service provider controls the operations of an organization’s database and makes sure that critical parameters are kept and performance goals achieved. Even though database administration outsourcing does not include code development or application maintenance, database administrators are always ready to respond to adverse situations, such as database alerts, and act accordingly.

Most remote database administration is carried out off-site, and it includes monitoring database instances running in either the client’s data center or a third-party data center.

Focus On Core Projects

The key to getting the most out of outsourced database management is through finding the best balance across support areas, whether the need is for remote application management, database administration, or specialized functional support. Having a remote, dedicated and reliable team will allow your company to have internal resources focus on more critical projects.

Save Money By Doing Less

Do less and get better results when finding the right outsourced team for remote database management. You will get more out of limited resources such as on-demand access to senior-level experts since you do not need to spend time or money to find and hire that expert. It is also true if your company needs a temporary service or task. Without the support of outsourced service providers that will help you have access to the right person whenever the need comes up, you would need to hire a consultant to obtain this niche talent.

Tap Into The Best Quality Talent

When right-sourcing to a qualified database and application managed services provider, another big advantage is that you gain access to a full team of industry experts. Especially for an IT team that is smaller or more limited in their resources, if you outsource tasks to a qualified managed service provider, you can either allow your team to focus on strategic activities and leverage the outsourced management team’s expertise and specific knowledge to find solutions and improvements.

Around-The-Clock Flexibility

A business needs to be prepared to find problems and difficulties at all times. When it comes to technology, any delay can result in catastrophic outcomes for the company. You need to be up and running; nobody wants a costly downtime.

With remote management, you can provide support all year round: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with no interruptions. Your time zone does not matter, you can be sure that there is an entire team dedicated to solving your problems.

By taking the time to identify tasks that cost time and money, an executive can make a substantial positive impact on the bottom line. Not only will the business likely cut costs, but it will also have access to a large pool of industry experts, the most advanced technology, as well as around-the-clock service. The potential benefits are too great to at not least consider outsourced database management and remote application management, if you can find the right team to work with; as it allows your team to focus on business planning and execution.

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