Are you aware of the alarming rise in cyber-attacks on businesses? A recent study by a leading cyber insurance company has unveiled a troubling trend, marking the fourth consecutive year of such incidents' growth.


Cyber attacks have increased ever year for four years

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This extensive report draws insights from over 5,000 organizations worldwide, spanning various sizes and industries, and the findings are nothing short of eye-opening.

Of particular concern is that over 53% of the surveyed businesses admitted to being targeted by cyber-attacks within the past year, signifying a significant 5-point increase from the previous year. Even more worrisome, small businesses, especially those with fewer than ten employees, have witnessed a shocking surge in cyberattacks, escalating from 23% to 36% in the past three years. This indicates a deliberate focus on exploiting vulnerabilities within smaller IT infrastructures.

Equally important, the report sheds light on a troubling lack of confidence among smaller businesses, with less than 250 employees, in handling these attacks. A mere 61% of these smaller enterprises feel adequately prepared, compared to a more secure 71% in larger organizations.

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