5 Easy Things You Should Do To Protect Your Business Today

Let’s face it – no one likes to think about bad things happening to them, much less plan for them. But since September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, we wanted to give you a quick “brush-up” on some simple things you can (and should!) be doing to protect your business.


Review Your Business Insurance Carefully. Most businesses carry some type of general liability insurance that would pay them if their building and the things in it were damaged. However, many businesses do not have enough coverage to replace all the computer equipment and devices, desks, art, supplies and other things they’ve accumulated over the years that are housed in their office. Make sure you review your policy every year and keep in mind new additions and assets you’ve accumulated during that year.


Consider Cloud Computing. When used correctly Cloud computing can be an important step in protecting your business. Cloud computing can be used as a secondary failover environment because although you will be billed for storage costs the I/O connection and cpu costs are not charged when the environment is sleeping and waiting to be put to work. Also you can set up log shipping or other methods to keep the environment data up to date. Make certain to use their security protocols, close ports, use MFA, encrypt data and use sys admin roles and limit database controls and access. Important: Cloud is not an answer to all security problems, it is a tool to assist you!


Secure Your Data. Making sure your data is protected from theft is a never-ending battle you don’t want to lose. Companies that get hacked and expose sensitive client and employee data can face severe penalties, lawsuits and massive loss of credibility in the marketplace. Make sure you never have to send an e-mail to your customers explaining the bad news that a hacker accessed their info through you. Further, if you keep any sensitive information (even passwords to portals containing sensitive information) on portable laptops, phones and other devices, make sure you have a way of controlling and safeguarding that information.


Write A Simple Disaster Recovery Plan. The key word here is “simple.” If your plan gets too complicated or difficult, you won’t do it. But, at a minimum, think of the disaster that is most likely to happen and that would have a severe and negative impact on your company’s survival.


Review Your Employees’ Internet Policy. With so many people “addicted” to Facebook and Twitter, it’s important that your employees know where the line is in what they can and can’t post online. We also recommend content-filtering software to block content and websites you don’t want employees visiting during work hours.

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