Cyber Attack Readiness

When we first started using the internet a couple of decades ago (yes, it’s been that long), our main concerns were that dial-up would take too long to connect, or that an incoming phone call would disconnect us in the middle of something important. Those issues were right at the top of the list of our First World Problems.

Today, the scenario is completely different: our entire lives are online: both sensitive personal and business information are stored either in clouds or servers; making every single person with a pulse vulnerable to cyber attacks. These could range from holding data at ransom, to identity theft, espionage, to lawsuits from clients who are impacted by your business’ security breaches. On a good day, you’d get a bad scare and a lot of stress. On a worst case scenario? You could lose your reputation, your business, and your savings.

What are the chances that it could happen to you?

It’s happened to Yahoo, Equifax, the DNC, and other giants whom presumably had some degree of reliable cyber security. Granted, the nature of their organizations made them desirable targets; however, you can’t rest on your laurels thinking that it wouldn’t happen to your small business.

According to FBI statistics, cybercrime is responsible for billions of dollars lost every single year. The problem is so pervasive, the federal government has established 93 Computer Crimes Task Forces nationwide. And we’re just getting started. By 2019, cybercrime will increase by trillions of dollars. What are the chances you this crisis impacting you? Considering that half of the small businesses in our country have been hacked, you need to have a contingency plan, and you need to prioritize it now.

What can you do to protect yourself?

There are several tips that keep getting repeated, because they are so essential, such as properly training employees –both to prevent and to mitigate damages. Installing adequate software. Backing up your data. But keeping abreast of threats and how to prevent them is an ongoing issue. It is for this reason that Soaring Eagle Consulting hosted a webinar on November 21st, titled “Are You Ready For a Cyber Attack.” In it, we discussed how to make your business immune to malware such as Ransomware, and how to protect your company should the worst were to occur. You can view our past webinars on our Youtube channel. It is also free, so you have no excuses. Clear some time on your calendar and join us.

At Soaring Eagle Consulting, we care about keeping your business data safe. Let us show you how to best protect yourself.