Equifax Database Breach

Cybersecurity is not just an issue that big companies need to worry about. Considering that every single one of us leaves behind such a huge digital footprint, we should pay attention to how it affects us as individuals. The truth is that once you’re assigned a social security number, it’s hard to stay completely hidden from potential hackers. Every time you rent an apartment, register for utilities, make online purchases (or even regular purchases using a credit card), use social media, etc., you are leaving information behind. And nothing placed a magnifying glass on our vulnerability as much as the recent Equifax Breach.

So amidst all of the available advice on how to protect your business, how can you protect yourself personally? After all, if you’re hacked, ultimately, your business will feel it too.

1. Find out If Your Information Was Compromised

Equifax set up a website where you can enter your last name and last six digits of your social security number to find out whether you were one of the people whose personal information was compromised. No need to freak out if you were one of the lucky ones.

2. Be Wary of Phone Calls

The same way millions of people were receiving scam phone calls from people pretending to be the IRS, now the con game du jour is contacting Americans alleging it’s Equifax trying to do damage control after their cybersecurity breach.

3. Consider Placing a Freeze on Your File

Even if you weren’t compromised, if you are not planning on buying a cell phone, car, home, rent a new apartment, or open a new credit card account in the foreseeable future, then freezing your credit could be a viable option. It won’t affect your score, and if you do need to do any of the above listed items, all you have to do is temporarily unfreeze it.

4. Monitor Your Credit

Some sites allow you to do it for free. Others (including Equifax’s) provide you with a trial period of a year, but then start charging you automatically to continue with the service. Read the small print. If they ask you for a credit card number, you know they will make a charge on it at some point.

At Soaring Eagle Consulting, we place a high value on cybersecurity. It’s the platform that guides us. If you’d like protection on a larger scale for your business, contact us, and let’s get started.