database consulting services

There are many things business leaders do not want to hear from their employees. By far, “no” and “I don’t know” take the first place award. A close runner-up, for us in the database consulting services business is: “We have a database issue”. Those five words keep us up at night, I kid you not.

Frankly, those five words should make any business leader shudder as well. Database management issues can damage everything from customer experience to the bottom line. It influences employee satisfaction and productivity and discredits the company’s trustworthiness. It can also cause a costly, and embarrassing, scandal.

Some organizations have a full-time database administrator on staff. Others add database management to their already overstuffed IT guy’s plate. No matter how your company manages the database in-house, database consulting services are always a good idea.

A database consulting service can offer project-based or continuous services for many database management issues.

What A Database Consultant Will Do For Your Company

Database Architecture Design and Planning

Your current database has been with you through thick and thin. From your first order to your first hire. Survived malware, power outages and even a few incompetent employees. You’ve put patch over patch on it, dearly loving it like that pair of beat up jeans you refuse to part ways with. But now you must accept it: Your database cannot stand what every system is asking of it.

And since you know better than go off-the-shelf and hope for the best, you hire a database consultant. A database consulting service will review your goals and design a solution that will solve your right-now problems. It will also plan for the future, saving you time, money and frustration in the long run.

Scalability Assessment

This is the best problem to have, in our opinion. When your customer base is outgrowing your systems, a database consultant can help you assess if your system can scale with your growing business.

Migration and Upgrades

Everyone always gets a bit nervous whenever they have to implement new software or perform sensitive upgrades. A database consulting service will monitor and support you through the process to ensure that database management systems continue working.

Performance and Tuning Consulting

If things seem to be slowing down, a database consultant can analyze your systems and recommend solutions to improve the performance of your database.

System Audit/Pre-Audit

Awe audits... everyone’s favorite! Right? If you know in advance what the auditor will be looking for, you can avoid pesky unexpected issues. A database consultant can examine your system security, test entry points, scan for potential security issues and compare your system to best practices and industry standards.