Data data data.


It seems that business leaders in every industry have *finally* begun to understand the importance of their data. This is one thing where the “hype” machine is actually RIGHT 😊. Collecting and Displaying Data is no longer seen as "Trendy" or "Niche" but a VITAL step in growing a business.


So what are companies doing with their data right now?

The “normal” level is improving their reporting. Sometimes, this is for monetization purposes, but most often it’s attempting to find more areas of profitability.
Examine clients and accounts, which ones are profitable, are any secretly costing you money or not providing the profit you expect?


CLEANING and DeDuplicating data. Many organizations, especially those operating on an enterprise level, have dozens of entries… for the same information/account/user. How do you identify, for example, which John Smith from Tampa is the same as John Smith from Florida or the Mr. Smith from Hillsborough County?

Sometimes this dirty data is caused by user error, others because of the way it needs to be entered into dozens of different systems and applications. Cleaning this data up and creating your Central Source of Truth in a Master Data Management system can increase profitability, efficiency, and scalability of your organization.


Then there are the FUN projects.

Like taking Data that has been historically manually analyzed from many disparate locations and building a platform that allows real time analysis across all the data sources. Creating a centralized data warehouse that is easy to use in multiple locations that can co related and deduplicate data is HUGE for companies and organizations relying on many locations for overlapping research.


Or finding a way to send/receive data to multiple locations, like construction workers in the field who need to access data and files (like Plats or Surveys) and then submit information back to everyone else from a remote location. Removing the manual steps in these processes can save 30-40% on the time to complete projects as you remove the step of… physically driving everywhere to deliver the information and manually uploading it. This is the 21st century, let’s get some automation people!


What kinds of projects are you working on? Something fun? Need help? You know how to reach us 🙂